Without Vision…..!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

The old Proverb states that  Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint”, (or ‘the people are discouraged’.)

In essence, this means that any person and any organisation, big or small, needs to have a sense of purpose; a raison detre; a goal – or they will simply stumble through life.  Many won’t make it, and will forever wonder why!  Some will make it just through ‘pure dumb luck’!

All businesses need a vision!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re repairing vehicles in your back yard, or running a multi-million Rand factory in Johannesburg – your business needs a vision.  Even if you’re running a franchise outlet, and the overall vision of the business is cast in stone by the franchise holder – you still need a unique personal vision for your business.  It needs to be unique to you – the business owner – and it needs to be that little extra that gets you to leap out of bed each day, eager to get to work.   It’s what makes the difference between excellence and mediocrity; between subsistence and wealth creation.

So, if I’ve got your attention – and you’d like to create a simple but effective ‘corporate’ vision, then keep reading this blog.